The hardest part about a diet is not the initial weeks or months.  While this time requires discipline, you can typically make simple changes to everyday lifestyle in order to look and feel better.  But what happens when these simple changes lose efficacy?  What happens when you are on the cusp of accomplishing your goal, but your fitness and diet plan begin to work against you?  The purpose of this blog is to provide strategies, advice and tips to help you through the three phases of dieting:

I.  Transformation.

The first several weeks and/or months consists of ditching old habits and building new ones.  You will create a fitness and diet plan.  You will make positive lifestyle changes, both mental and physical.  And you will feel great that you have taken these steps!  In addition to transforming habits, in this phase, you will also be transforming your body, as these changes should have a drastic effect on your body composition.

II. Toning.

After the initial transformation phase, you will have a foundation in place to allow your body to develop and meet your fitness goals.  At this stage, you will likely be close to achieving your ideal vision for your body.  You will also need to start changing your strategies in order to avoid plateaus, prevent against injury and build a sustainable, healthy fitness and diet plan.

III. Maintenance.

Perhaps the most important phase, maintenance is about making your current fitness state “the new normal”.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I would like to guide you through these phases in the context of a real-life fitness journey: my own!